We are proud that since 1990 when the way for exporting was paved, we have practiced exporting goods especially handmade carpet, sofas and food material in a united way. Our presence in domestic and foreign fairs under the name of SAADAT TRADING company is prove to this fact .During these years in addition to exporting we have also worked on importing and shipping goods for other organization, offices and real identities. Shipping a large spectrum of various goods including industrial machineries, medical equipment's, business goods and draw materials has provided us with a priceless experience in both shipping and knowledge of goods, So that we can do the custom work and shipping in to time and with the lowest possible cost. We have always tried to inform the costumers of the process from A to Z clearly. Owing to our clear knowledge of international transportation, we have delivered goods with the lowest cost and fastest time along with the suitable service through these years. And now those precious experience is continuing the job under the name KARANEH SEPEHR along with a specialized personnel in a more united way to give better service to our customers. Along with the aim of improving working atmosphere and customer satisfaction, through working in both domestic and foreign market. We have been able to gain customers and join in their success with Gods help.